Two Full Moons Will Be Illuminating The Skies of October 2020 – Special Celestial Event for Halloween

The Moon will always be there on the night sky, waiting for humans to visit it again in the recent future. However, our natural satellite will even unfold itself to us in all its glory this month. A rare and so-called ‘blue Moon’ is also included.

Those who like to disguise themselves in vampires, witches, or monsters will have another reason to wait for this year’s Halloween: the so-called ‘blue Moon’ will be illuminating the sky on October 31.

Beware for the Harvest Moon

The first full Moon will be illuminating the night sky from the very first day of 2020’s October. It is also known as the Harvest Moon, as the name dates from the times before electricity, when farmers could harvest their crops late into the night by depending on the Moon’s light. The term “harvest moon” also refers to the full and bright Moon that regularly occurs at the start of autumn.

October ends with the Blue Moon

You should make sure to prepare your binoculars and favorite spot to see the Blue Moon dancing on the night sky on October 31. AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Lada confirms to us the great news, but we must prepare for another date if we somehow miss the October 2020 blue Moon:

After the blue Moon on Oct. 31, 2020, trick-or-treaters will need to wait until 2039 to see the next blue Moon on Halloween,

NASA has the Artemis mission scheduled, one that aims to return humans to the Moon by 2024 after a break of over five decades. The future crew will be composed of a man and a woman. However, plenty of preparations are needed before engaging into such a mission, not to mention that scientists recently discovered that the radiation from our natural satellite surpasses the predicted levels.

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