Two-Dimensional Matter is Not Just a Concept Idea

In our world, it seems impossible to imagine anything in more or less than three dimensions: height, length, and width. All space is created that way, and the hypothesis of something being two-dimensional seems nothing more than a concept idea to describe a movie unfolding on a screen, for instance. A square is also two-dimensional, but it truly exists in that state only on paper or on display.

But physicists from the University of Arkansas, together with an international team of scientists, are willing to prove to us that two-dimensional matter can actually be real. They discovered ferroelectric material that’s only two atoms thick.

The third two-dimensional ferroelectric

The new material discovered is a tin selenide monolayer, and it’s the third two-dimensional ferroelectric that was experimentally grown and that belongs to the chemical family of group-IV monochalcogenides.

Ferroelectric materials have an intrinsic dipole moment, which is a measure of the separation of both positive and negative charges that can also be switched by an electric field. The scientist Barraza-Lopez further explains:

For example, a single water molecule has an intrinsic electron dipole moment as well, but the thermal motion of individual water molecules under ordinary conditions (for instance, in a water bottle) prevents the creation of an intrinsic dipole moment over macroscopic distances.

Scientists from the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences in China and the Max Planck Institute for Microstucture Physics in Germany were also members of the team. The discovery was reported in a paper from the Nano Letters journal.

While all space as we know it can be described by three dimensions, there are also three basic attributes for the other two main components of the Universe. Matter has three basic states (solids, liquids, gases), while time can be divided into past, present, and future. The whole physical reality seems to be built by the model of the Holy Trinity.

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