Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Flagship Phone

Do you sometimes feel too old for flagship phones? Do you think that all you need for a smartphone is WiFi, opening a browser from time to time, making a photo, and running some essential apps? We’ve all thought the same at one point, but we should not rush with such conclusions.

Of course, a smartphone worth about $150 will surely grant you a lot of wishes, but why not save some money for a month or so and buy something much more powerful that will help you for years? Furthermore, information is at every corner of the internet nowadays, so you can take full advantage of tons of reviews and presentations made online. Smartphones from all sorts of companies are exposed with their full specs and prices. There’s no use being stingy for just a few hundreds of bucks, especially when your own comfort and entertainment are at stake. Let’s see our top reasons why you should aim very high when it comes to smartphones.

5G is on the rise

The 5G technology is far from being just a caprice, as people might think. Aren’t we all annoyed by those moments when you can’t enjoy a live video without interruptions and freezes? 5G will solve such problems once and for all, as it will grant much faster and stable internet connections. Besides, there are certain moments in life when you just need the information to reach somebody else at light-speed, and 5G is the right way to do it.

You can’t expect to buy a 5G smartphone at a lower price than around $300, or you could pay ten times more for the new foldable flagship Huawei Mate Xs. The device is equipped with 5G and many high-end specs.

Better cameras

Let’s be honest: cameras are the most wanted aspects of a smartphone these days. We just can’t imagine our permanent little tech companions without cameras. The more expensive a phone is, the better cameras it possesses. Let’s take the new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, for instance, a gadget that was launched several days ago. This beauty is equipped with a powerful quad-camera setup on the rear, and it can record video up to the 8K resolution. All you need is a powerful smart TV to enjoy the fabulous 8K quality and plenty of free storage space in the phone to save the videos. Mi 10 Ultra comes in three versions of storage: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Thus flagship is not cheap at all, but it’s totally worth the price of around $1000.

More RAM

Some people might say that you don’t need too much RAM on the phone. But what if you have to offer maintenance for online servers, or play some high-end games? What if you want to do some video editing directly on your phone? What if you wish to connect a physical keyboard, a mouse, or a monitor in order to properly use your little device as a computer? For all cases, surely you need a lot more RAM than 2 or 3 GB like an entry-level phone usually has. That’s why you should aim for a flagship once again.

A great deal is OnePlus Nord, released at the beginning of the current month and having a price that revolves around the amount of $399. The phone comes in three versions of RAM: 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB. Packed also with the Qualcomm SDM765 Snapdragon 765G chipset, the device surely has more processing power than some laptops.

Smartphone usage has grown tremendously in recent years, as over 3 billion people on the planet nowadays own this kind of device. We carry our smartphones with us a lot more often than we do with our laptops, so once again, why not aim for the best deal possible?

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