Top 5 SlideME Alternatives: What To Choose?

SlideME is a marketplace for Android apps. It features an advanced application search, a relevant homepage full of apps, a vast community, and many more features.

However, if SlideME isn’t the best marketplace for you, here are five alternatives to it:

Google Play Store

Google’s app store is the official and most widely used marketplace for apps, music, books, and other forms of entertainment for Android users.

It is fast, reliable, comes preinstalled on all Android phones, and contains millions of apps. It’s the go-to solution for most Android users, but that doesn’t mean that it is also the best marketplace, since it misses out on many other apps that are only available on competitive markets.


Aptoide is a third-party alternative to the PlayStore.

Aptoide cumulates over 200 million users worldwide, more than 6 billion downloads, and a total of about one million apps. Aptoide’s strong points are social collaboration, tailored recommendations, and the chance to create and share your store. It looks like Aptoide is revolutionizing app distribution.


APKMirror is a strictly curated community, so it’s guaranteed that only the best, most polished apps are published.

APKMirror focuses on allowing updates to popular apps to be released sooner, demolishing geo-restrictions, and versioning control of applications.


Uptodown is a mobile app/website that allows users to download games and apps on most major platforms.

Uptodown has a fantastic, easy to use website that separates games and apps into categories and allows for an advanced compatibility search with the user’s device.

However, Uptodown does not have a wide selection of apps in comparison to other marketplaces on this list.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon’s Appstore provides access to the world’s biggest selection of books, music, magazines, and many more.

It is available for Android devices since 2011 in about 200 countries.

The best thing about Amazon’s Appstore is the fact that Amazon owns it, meaning that it has a solid base and is continuously expanding.

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