TLC Flexible Display Takes The World By Storm Shortly After The Foldable Screens Emerged

According to the latest reports, TCL intended to present its upcoming flexible display device at the MWC in Barcelona. The event canceled big time, so some changes occurred. Now, leaks reveal what we missed, and everything seems so intriguing yet innovative. After we’ve witnessed the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr releases, now is TCL’s turn to impress with its latest device. Developers worked at a sleek concept with a flexible screen.

TLC’s Latest Smartphone Series Introduce Flexible Displays

The Chinese company had scheduled to unveil its upcoming device at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona, according to CNET. Unfortunately, with the latest events and the coronavirus outbreak, MWC was canceled.

Currently, we don’t have any details about the official presentation of TCL’s next-gen device, besides some visuals of a prototype speculated online. The images display the TCL device, which is not very different from other smartphones that have been released recently. Also, it resembles the TCL 10 Pro a lot. There is, however, one significant feature that helps the upcoming TCL differ from other devices. The so-called “sliding display” appears as a smooth design for the newest TLC.

The screen can be slid to the side to expand the screen size to more of a tablet-like size. We don’t know how such a feature works, but we imagine that developers had kitted the smartphone with a system that lets a part of the display to wrap itself behind the screen. The setting is similar to a photo film or those foldable LG TVs.

Even if we witness so many tech giants choosing this “foldable” path, it’s nice to see others following the trend, as well. TLC might arrive with one of the best smartphones yet, but we should wait for more details to be released soon.

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