The Wonderful 101: Remastered arrives on modern platforms

Platinum is renowned around the world for popular titles like Bayonetta and NierR: Automata. The studio has decided to release a refresh version of one of its lesser-known games, The Wonderful 101.

While the title appeared to be quite interesting at launch, the fact that it was a Nintendo Wii U exclusive undermined its potential heavily, as the console was surrounded by a large number of controversies and issues which made it less than popular.

Nintendo struck gold with the release of the Nintendo Switch, and many developers have brought games from the past to give them another chance. The Wonderful 101: Remastered is one of these titles, and it offers an interesting adventure along with some interesting mechanics.

An interesting adventure

The main focus of the somewhat isometric hack and slash title is the Wonderful ones, a team of 100 superheroes that are spread all over the world and work together to ruin the schemes of evil villains. Players have the option to explore the world and fight on their own but the real goal is to unite other heroes in a group and harness the powerful Unite Morphs abilities to form giant objects, including swords, guns, and other handy objects.

Drawing and fighting

Many of the Unite Morphs can be triggered by drawing the desired form of the screen. Straight lines lead to swords, L-shapes manifest guns, and a circle will net massive fists. Some skills which require a fast input, for example defensive ones, are tied to controller buttons for convenience.

The original version offered the option to draw the shapes on the screen, and this is possible if the Swich is used in handheld mode, but the right stick will also work fine in most cases.

Several changes have been implemented for convenience as camera angles have been adjusted, and features offered by the Wii U controller have been adapted to work well without it.

Overall, The Wonderful 101: Remastered offers a fun experience with inspired gimmicks. It is also available on Microsoft Windows PCs and the PS4.

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