The Sims Mobile Update Available with a New Gameplay

The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game similar to The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay for smartphones.

It was announced three years ago and released two years ago. It includes a multiplayer component and various story elements.

Maxis initially developed it, but it ended up at Firemonkey Studios.


In The Sims Mobile, players can create custom Sims thanks to the in-game character creator, known as Create-a-Sim.

Also, in The Sims Mobile, it’s simple to build houses, start families, and control characters’ lives.

The game features multiplayer elements, as players can attend other players’ parties and tap on NPCs, or rate Sims with a sticker system.

Energy is used whenever a player performs a specific action, similar to past mobile games from the Sims franchise.

Latest Update

The game reached version

In the latest version, players can open their own Eco Workshop venue to “Play Green with Life” and live sustainably and cleanly.

Players can upcycle and restore old items to give them a new life.

The new updated added the micro-home “Eco Retreat” premium lot. The minuscule eco-footprint space is just what Sims need when they feel like going back to nature.

The “Mid-Century Modern” Sweet Treat Showdown can be played to earn sustainable furniture, like wooden bunk beds and more.

Updating The App

Typically speaking, apps update themselves thanks to the auto-update function available on iOS and Android alike.

However, if you have turned it off previously, make sure that you open Google Play or Apple App Store and manually update it. It would be a shame not to update the game since you’d be missing so much fantastic content.

The Sims Mobile is such an advanced game that it almost seems like a direct competitor to full-fledged PC-version Sims.

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