The Sims 5: Release Date set for 2022

If you miss making household activities like going to school, walking the dog, buying groceries, or reading a book along with a relative, you can always go for playing The Sims game series. Furthermore, it’s obvious that you can also do such things in real life, but during these times it’s not actually a good idea to go outside for any reason except a true emergency.

The Sims 4 is about seven years old, being released by Electronic Arts in 2013 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and macOS. After the game received plenty of compelling extension packs (Discover University, Cats & Dogs, and so on), the fans are eagerly waiting for a sequel.

Is The Sims 5 arriving in 2022?

If we look at the history, a sequel from The Sims series has been released at four to five years after its predecessor. Now, there seems to be a great exception with The Sims 5, but there’s no wonder why considering how high the standards in gaming are today.

In 2018, the team working on The Sims 4 reported via its Senior producer Grant Rodiek that content for the next three years is awaited for the last installment of the series. This clearly means that even in 2021, The Sims 4 will still receive massive updates and expansions. So why would The Sims 5 arrive when the developers are still having plans for the current game? It’s obvious that a 2022 release is much more plausible.

With Sony and Microsoft both releasing next-generation consoles for this year in December, near Christmas, the next installment from The Sims series is very likely to be compatible with those gaming machines as well. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will even feature backward compatibility so that they will be running even old games from other consoles.

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