The Sims 5 Gameplay Wishlist, Release Date, And More

The Sims series has been around ever since the 2000’. The game evolved very much since then, and now fans are waiting for The Sims 5 to come out.

The latest version of the Sims has been in the developing stage for quite some time now. So far, there has been no confirmation regarding its release date or other details concerning the game. But The Sims 5 is still expecting a release from both Maxis developers and Electronic Arts, who published the game.

A modern life simulation game would be a nice change, and the fans are pretty excited about it too. As we all have expectations regarding games, so do they, so let’s proceed the the The Sims gameplay wishlist.

The next-gen The Sims 5 Gameplay Wishlist

It would be cool to bring the massively multiplayer online (MMO) feature back to life! The EA CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed that this much-liked feature will come with the next-gen life simulation game, so we expect it to be part of The Sims 5 version.

As Sims is a life simulation game, we expect more life inspired features for the upcoming Sims 5. The real-life inspired feature has become more popular, so it could be that Sims 5 will adopt more to keep its fan base happy. Take the features from the “Tiny Living” pack introduced in TS4, for example. We expect to see a continuation of the “Tiny Living” expansion pack in the next-gen of Sims gameplay.

The Sims 5 Development and Release Date

Although there is no confirmation from the Electronic Arts company, the Sims 5 is expected to come out sometime during the next year. If the rumor turns out to be true, then EA will more than likely make an announcement this year. We also hope that The Sims 5 will launch soon.

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