The Sims 4 – October Skin Tones Update And Other Upcoming Fixes

The Sims 4 is currently in the process of receiving a massive update to the game’s built-in skin tones. The second part will feature hundreds of different skin tones and a slider to allow for extreme customization layers.

About The Update

The first stage of the update started along with the free October update. It was a significantly less significant update meant to fix some of the game’s existing skin-related issues and hairstyles in the base version.

Many gamers suggested that the fix for the skin tones didn’t precisely fix too much. Players got increasingly frustrated because Maxis, the developer of the game, did not appear to recognize their frustration.

Many players complained about the communication (or lack of) between them and the developers for a while now.

The Good News

Michael Duke, a senior producer with The Sims 4, explained why the skin tones kept manifesting issues on Friday. He also revealed that there are different fixes in the works.

As you can imagine, fixing issues of a game that was released six years ago can be quite tricky, which is why we praise the developers when they reveal some behind-the-scenes insights on how the processes work.

“We have seen your concerns about the October skin tones update, and we wanted to be more clear about how we are addressing it and why, including a look at the solution,” Duke stated.

“Texture Compression was causing banding on the cheeks and foreheads as well as discoloration on the tip of the nose. We modified our pipeline to turn off compression with our patch in October to resolve those issues, but we have more work to do,” he added.

Duke also mentioned that two fixes are coming in November that addresses a display issue provoking red dots around lips and a shadowy blotch between the eyes. The fixes are theoretically ready and are currently in the test phase.

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