The Showbox App – Status And Possible Comeback

Showbox is one of the most widely used third-party streaming services that provides tons of free content. It is a perfect alternative to subscription-powered services like Amazon Prime or Netflix, as it provides free content without requiring an account or running ads.

The user interface is smooth and simple, so navigating through the app is a breeze.

Users of the Showbox app have experienced difficulties while trying to stream free media content.

What’s Up With The App?

Showbox has stopped working entirely as most of its servers stopped functioning.

When anyone tries to connect and use the service, a black screen with an afferent error message greets them.

Also, the app might crash or display an error message even when you launch it.

There are several reasons why Showbox was taken down. The most important one is that the service allowed its users to watch video content illegally. Various producers have filed lawsuits against the service for perpetuating illegal content online.

Some lawsuits were directed towards websites that promoted Showbox.

The numerous lawsuits and various legal complications have forced the developers and promoters to shut down the service.

“NEWS: #ShowBox servers got hit hard due to security issues we had, these have been resolved. But the bad news is ShowBox got hit with big legal issues that cannot be resolved. Due to this, we are still working hard to find a way through this, but it is going to take a lot of time” – official message from the developers.

Unfortunately, there are no confirmed plans for this year. However, a tweet from December suggests that there’s a slim chance to see ShowBox make a comeback this year.

Some reported that ShoBox was available again for a while, but former partners pointed out that it’s not legal to use it.

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