The PS5 Interface Might Be Like This: What We Should Expect


The PlayStations 5 interface could be the one that unifies games, videos, and music. But, it’s still somehow a mystery.

While we’ve seen the next-gen console, a bunch of games, and the DualSense controller, we don’t have too many details about the PS5’s navigation. Luckily, there are leaks and rumors. Here is what you should know.

PS5 Interface: Possible Features and Other Details

According to a recent Sony patent, PS5 could integrate games, videos, and music, with one menu controlling every detail of the system. The information comes from the United States Patent Office. 

This time around, Sony asserts that most game systems subject users to various types of menus, depending on what they’re watching, playing, or hearing. The patent describes how the interface works: “A user may wish to execute another program in parallel or to start another program in place of the running program.”

However, the patent doesn’t mention the PS5 specifically. But it does seem very different than how the PS4 works. The game launcher is changed from the music player, which is not the same as the music player overlay during games. A unified interface would make these different elements easier to control and use, making the switch among them faster. 

It’s worth saying that this patent isn’t just an application. The office granted such a patent recently, on June 23. Sony is free now to incorporate such technology into its gadgets. The company might use it for a PS4 update. Or is a huge hint at the PS5 interface? More details should be released in the coming months. 

There’s a rumor that the patent could facilitate similar technology to PS5’s rival, the Xbox Series X’s Quick Resume feature, which allows users to suspend many games simultaneously. The patent doesn’t address such a concept specifically, but it would make resumes and suspending apps easier, so right now, anything is possible. 

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