The Origin Desktop App Becomes the EA Desktop App: What to Expect


As an effort to focus and unify EA’s brand, Mike Blank, the Senior Vice President, unveils a big change to the Origin app’s visual interface and name.

Electronic Arts is trying new things and is distancing itself, too, from the Origin title, as we can see from the service Origin Access being replace by EA Play.

So, now the well-known desktop app, where we can access EA’s games via PC, is rebranded to be the EA Desktop App.” Here is what you need to know.

EA Desktop App Details: How Different Will Be

Not much has passed since EA Play got an overhaul, as the subscription service reached the Steam environment and allowed players to access praised EA games via the other game store. EA games weren’t available all the time on Steam, with titles like The Sims 4 available only via the Origin desktop app. The games can still be bought, played, and updated via EA’s app.

Mike Blank, the EA Senior Vice President, confirmed the rebranding news and an upcoming UI and visual overhaul of the desktop app. Some of us might associate EA with Origin, for better or worse, even if there are games like the awfully-rated Madden 21. However, it seems that EA is trying to realize a connection even more explicit and unite its brand to become more consistent. 

Blank stated as well that the app would introduce us to a smoother and quicker experience, with an enhanced focus on social interaction that he remained vague on. 

But for many people at EA and Blank, of course, the rebranding and UI change are more than that. It’s actually a refocusing of what the company desires to focus on. 

EA now has a closed beta registration opening up to test out the novel EA Desktop App. It hasn’t been announced yet when the change will happen. 

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