The next Assassin’s Creed game will run at 4K@30FPS on the Xbox Series X

Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will offer a minimum of 30FPS on the next generation console developed by Microsoft.

In a press statement that accompanied the announced Ubisoft stated that the game would run at a minimum of 30FPS, and the main focus is to deliver an immersive experience by harnessing the new technology to offer beautiful worlds.

The target may shift before the next generation of consoles will hit the market, but for now, it is expected that you can play the game at 30FPS without a hitch on 4K TVs. This announcement has been quite disappointing for some fans as Microsoft has stated in the past that the performance target for the Xbox series X is 60 to 120 FPS at 4K resolutions.

Fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise have already provided serious backlash after a promised gameplay trailer contained only a few seconds of actual gameplay footage. The negative feedback loop is also fueled by the fact that the graphics leap between the current and the upcoming generations of consoles appears to be considerably less impressive than the previous one.

During the Xbox Series X third party-gameplay showcase that took place recently, a variety of titles were showed as Microsoft promised the reveal of next-generation gameplay. However, it seems that the jump in graphics fidelity was affected by overhyping, and many were disappointed when they observed that the differences aren’t as radical as they seemed to be at first sight.

It is also worth noting that current-generation graphics have been pushed to the limits, especially on gaming PCs, which use the impressive RTC GPUs manufactured by Nvidia. There is also the fact that many of the games which are made for the Xbox Series X and PS5 will also be available on the Xbox One and PS4, limiting the scope and scale due to the need to run on outdated hardwa

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