The latest Windows 10 preview comes with a new feature

Microsoft remains hard at work on the development of fresh updates, and a new build has been released for Windows Insider members who have access to the fast ring. The 19628 built doesn’t come with revolutionary changes, but it does include a new feature that might be handy.


The new Windows build will allow the company to test DNS over HTTPS, marking the addition of support for this feature for the first time on Windows. For now, the feature has to be enabled manually, but it could be streamlined during future updates.

Before going forward, it is important to explain what DNS is over HTTPS and why it is important. In plain terms, DNS is a process during which a domain address that is deemed to be easy to read and write is converted to the IP address that is tied directly to the relevant web source.

While most websites have adopted the HTTPS standard in an attempt to boost overall security, your computer will contine to make DNS requests and complete them without the use of any additional encryption. Once DNS over HTTPS is implemented, all of the DNS requests needed to reach a website will take place via a secure HTTPS connection that is also encrypted, boosting the security and privacy of your machine.

It’s already popular

The Redmond giant is not the first company tha has started to implement DNS over HTTPS. Firefox has enabled the feature in February 2020. Google is also working on the use of this feature in Chromium but for now it remains hidden under a flag. Those who wish to access it on Google Chrome, Edge, or other Chromium-based browsers can do so by accessing the flags via a command.

On Windows 10 Insider users wil have to go through several steps to enable the feature. It is also worth pointing out that the it is still in the beta stage, and some bugs are expected.

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