The Last of Us Part 3: Release Date, Setting, and More

the last of us 3

The Last of Us is a praised action-adventure game that was first launched in 2013. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. 

The Last of Us Part 2 became the most popular game so far and sold 4 million copies in one week. Now, fans speculate and wish for a part three. Should we expect a new part soon? Here is what you need to know.

The Last of Us Part 3 Expected Release Date

Although the Last of Us Part 3 hasn’t yet been announced, many rumors indicate that it will be announced very soon. Neil Druckmann, the game director, hinted that there is a possibility for The Last of Us Part 3. 

The devs said they still haven’t come up with any ideas for Part 3. But, since Part 2 sold 4 million units, the series will likely return soon. According to some sources, Druckmann had discussed the possibility of Part 3 even before the launch of Part 2! Later, he added that it is likely that after huge sales, the team should think about developing another part. 

The Last of Us Part 3 Possible Setting

The setting of The Last of Us series is a post-apocalyptic environment, including abandoned buildings, ruins of towns, and forests. The gameplay of the series is said to be 12 to 16 hours long, but of course, it can be extended if played strategically. 

So, we should expect The Last of Us Part 3 to follow the events after Part 2. The environment could also be dramatically changed.

The Last of Us Part 3 Cast and Gameplay: What We Should Expect

The Last of Us involves a lot of action, being an adventure video game. It has some aspects of survival and horror, and we can play it through a third-perspective. Joel and Ellie are the game series’ main characters, and players must follow their evolving relationship. 

It is speculated that in the third part, Abby would be the key character. Even though she has started a bit of controversy in the previous part, her presence would surely be significant. We should also expect Joel not to make an appearance in The Last of Us Part 3. 

According to Druckmann, the Last of Us is based on love. So, there are possibilities that the third part also to follow Yara and Lev. It could also revolve around sibling love. 

So far, we can build our beliefs about The Last of Us Part 3 upon the craziest and widespread speculations and leaks. More details about a third part of the series will probably be released next year. 

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