The iPhone 12 may not have the impressive display desired by some users

As the wars between smartphone manufacturers, new features have to be implemented to attract new and returning buyers. It appears that one of the most anticipated features that could have been present on the next generation of iPhones may not be available this year.

Several leaks which were shared a while ago mentioned that the high-end Pro iPhones would come with a 120Hz ProMotion display, but it seems that this is no longer the case.

A renowned source who released accurate predictions about other devices in the past has stated that Apple doesn’t have the required technology to implement a screen with such a high refresh rate on its devices. Only one smartphone manufacturer appears to possess the LPTO components needed for a 120Hz refresh rate panel, and that company is Samsung, with the feature being one of the perks of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. It is estimated that Apple will be able to implement the technology from 2021.

LTPO is an essential display backing component which allows a device to run a wide selection of refresh rates. This means that the maximum refresh rate will be used in particular cases, while more common content will be displayed at a lower refresh rate.

It is worth pointing out that despite the advantages of LPTO, Apple has implemented 120Hz display on the iPad Pro without problems. However, the device does come with a generous battery that can manage the power requirements of the panel, and it isn’t meant as a pocket gadget that should last an entire day on a single charge.

Another source has also mentioned that Apple engineers seem to be displeased by color quality in the case of 120Hz panels, an issue that has already surfaced in the case of other smartphones that feature the technology. Only time will tell what will happen.

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