The iPhone 12 Goes 5G – Will Other Apple Products Follow Suit?

Apple is preparing to introduce its first 5G iPhone, but the iPad and MacBook will likely follow suit.

A 5G connection will most likely be available notably on the rumored iPhone 12 Pro Max, which would pack the so-called mmWave (millimeter wave) 5G, the fastest kind of 5G.

Cheaper variants could get under 6GHz 5G, which is notably slower but has overall broader coverage.

Other Devices

5G could make its way to the iPad and likely the MacBook.

Future iPads will probably pack sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave 5G, depending on the version.

Currently, Apple sells iPads with the option of 4G.

The iPad Pro can be purchased with 4G/LTE connectivity for an extra $150.

We believe that there will be similar options for incoming 5G iPads.

As Appleis switching to its custom processors on future MacBooks, chipsets available on the iPhone and iPad, it makes sense that 5G will eventually make its way on laptops too.

That would be a premiere for Apple. To date, the company hasn’t ever offered cellular connections on its MacBook, though it was available on rival devices for years.


A Reddit post in June from a reputable Apple leaker quickly went in detail about a possible 12-inch MacBook with 5G capabilities.

Also, he spoke that there’s a chance we’ll see a powerful Apple processor on MacBooks with additional cores to what we see on the A-series processors from the current iPhone and iPad lineup.

A Digitimes report from one year ago also spoke of a MacBook with 5G that recorded increased 5G performance that the competition thanks to a ceramic antenna board.

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