The Google Play Store shows strange ghost updates

One of the best features of the Google Play Store is the ability to keep your apps updated in a convenient manner. They can take place automatically when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi source, or you can opt to update each app on an individual basis if you prefer more control over the process. However, a problem has started to surface in recent months.

Ghost updates

A large number of Android users have observed that the My apps & games section of the Google Play will always show queued updates. The problem is that they have no file sizes, and no changes take place after the update is complete.

Tech-savvy users have explored the listings for the apps, but there are no details about the new updates or version changes. Google apps seem to be the primary target of these ghost updates, but some users have noted that they tend to surface in the case of other apps too.

It could be a bug

Some news outlets have reported in the past month that the Google Play Store seems to be affected by a bug that invites users to download app updates again, even if the updates are already installed on the device. The issue was present in the case of first-party apps made by Google, among which we can count YouTube, Gmail, WearOS, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Files, and others.

All of the updates surfaced at the same time, which is quite unusual in the first place unless a major security flaw has been detected. Users who installed the supposed updates observed that there were no changes, as the app versions and changelogs for the apps remained the same.

It was also interesting that some of the apps tended to jump straight to the Installing stage once the update was initiated.

The flaw could be fixed in the future.

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