The Elder Scrolls Online – Five Ways To Get Ready For Greymoor!

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the best MMORPGs of all time thanks to a dedicated community and constant support from the developers, who always listened to their fans.

Zenimax Online Studios has revealed five ways of preparing for Elder Scrolls Online’s following chapter, Greymoor, which will be added to the game on May 26.

Tips From Zenimax Online

The developers suggest that you can start by playing Harrowstorm and the Greymore Prologue quest.

Harowstorm was released as DLC in February and added two new dungeons to the game: Icereach and Unhallowed Grave. That is the starter for the Greymoor update as it sets it up.

The prologue of Greymoor takes gamers to Blackreach. If you follow the prologue quest all the way through, you’ll end up into the opening quest for Greymoor.

Zenimax suggests that you create a Nord character and “goth them up.” Nords are granted some passive bonuses in the form of health, stamina, and other resistances right from the start.

As for the goth part, it’s more of a personal aesthetical choice for getting into the mood since it won’t affect the way the game is played.

Also, you can try lycanthropy or vampirism by letting a player with either of the two perks bite you (in the game). If you can’t find them, search in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March, or The Rift.

For Rivenspine, the zone is located around the northern area of High Rock. The story will have you try to unite two rival houses to gain the trust of a vampire clan.

One final suggestion from the team is to explore the eastern region of Skyrim, mainly because Greymoor will flesh out even more of Skyrim, so it’s worth it to explore the area.

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