The Device That Turns Your Smartphone into a Laptop

Since these days smartphones are even more powerful than some laptops and desktop computers, you might consider using our little tech companions on larger screens. Whether you want to see a movie, play a game, or do more complicated tasks, the PhonePad is ready to grant your wishes and maximize them. The new device was made compatible not only with smartphones, but with tablets and even laptops as well.

The PhonePad provides the user with an instant FullHD external display that measures 15.6-inches, and it also features the highly-popular touchscreen functionality. All you have to do is to connect the PhonePad to your smartphone.

PhonePad lets you transform any smartphone into a tablet. Unlike other portable monitors that only work with a few phone models like Samsung DeX phones, PhonePad is universally compatible with ALL smartphones, including iPhones.

PhonePad also works with other HDMI enabled devices, including laptops, game consoles, and cameras – providing a more expansive view for work or play.

A smartphone’s storage space these days is competing with the one of computers, so there’s no wonder how you can put pretty much anything you want in that little portable device that we can’t imagine our lives without. If you’re unsatisfied with a phone’s storage space, you can even add a memory card of up to 1TB.

Play games with zero latency

Playing your favorite games like Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, or anything else on the Phonepad can be a load of fun. You can either choose to play with the good old keyboard and mouse, or you can connect a controller. This will allow enhanced control for the gameplay, zero latency, and precise accuracy.

Controlling your phone’s content from a larger display is a practically mandatory experience, and we should all give it a try in one way or another. 


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