The developer of Borderlands 2 explains why the game is full of strange hidden cubes

The popular YouTube channel Boundary Break has released a new video where it explores Borderlands 2 . The channel spoke with a developer of the studio behind Borderlands, Gearbox, to help explain some of the strangest secrets and discoveries. It turns out that Borderlands 2 is full of cubes and hidden boxes.

Kyle Pittman, senior programmer on the Borderlands franchise, explained some of the reasons behind some of the random things you find inside the mountains or under the buildings.

An example of this is at the beginning of the game. If you take the camera through one of the large snowy mountains in the opening area, you can find a Claptrap model, which freezes in a single pose. This is a static mesh and was placed on the level to help designers build the area with scale. But as the level was changed later in development, the mountain was added and covered the Claptrap and nobody remembered to remove it.

Hidden out of the map in each area of ​​the game, you will find a large rectangular box. This textureless box actually has 4 more textureless cubes inside it. So what is the purpose of this strange creation?

As Pittman explained to Boundary Break, this box is a global charger. The object is used as a safe place to store players and their vehicles during teleportation. It was created after several bugs in the development of Borderlands 1 . Sometimes, players appear on maps too soon and fall through the world. These global cargo boxes prevent that from happening.

Speaking of boxes, if you dig around Borderlands 2 you will find even more boxes, including rainbow-colored flashing buckets and floating translucent yellow boxes. Each has different purposes in the game, from marking the deleted content to being used for specific actions or events.

The video is a wonderful look at how a great game like Borderlands 2 is mounted. Some areas have totally different designs based on memory restrictions, time constraints or other problems. Game development really is about solving problems. Well, solving problems and placing cubes.

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