The Design of This ‘T’ Shaped Device Could Change The Future of Smartphones

By the rhythm that the technology of smartphones evolves, single-display gadgets will soon become obsolete and a boring sight. We’ve seen foldable phones before, like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Huawei’s Mate Xs, LG’s G8X ThinQ, and so on. But yet another tech gimmick resurfaces from South Korea: the ‘T’ shaped smartphone that features a flip-out display, known as the LG Wing.

A hinge allows the LG Wing smartphone to make one of its displays to rotate horizontally. This idea was most likely never seen before, and Android Authority confirms that the phone really exists. YouTuber Tech Town provides us some footage of the device:

Huge main screen

The main screen of the LG Wing phone measures 6.8 inch, which makes it comparable to the biggest ones from the market like Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20 Ultra, or Infinix Smart 4 Plus. LG Wing’s secondary display measures 4-inch and has a nearly 1:1 aspect ratio. The presence of the Snapdragon 765G SoC chipset is surely worth mentioning, as it has integrated the X52 modem packed with dual-mode 5G support.

Android Authority’s YouTube channel is also providing some footage of the LG Wing device:

Using such a wildly-designed phone in a car seems like a great idea. On one screen you have the navigation app showing you the way to arrive to a certain point. The other screen notifies you when someone is calling or some other important thing arrives. This should grant better and more efficient visibility for the main screen that shows you the road and what’s up ahead.

LG Wing surely features a design that will blow your mind as it did to ours. We would like to know more about the phone, but LG didn’t say anything about it yet. However, you know what they say that time solves it all.


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