The Best Features That Android 11 Developer Preview Presented

Google has released the Android 11 Developer Preview, which offers developers the chance to try the new OS and optimize apps before a stable version is provided. A few highlights of some of the most exciting features can be found below, and it seems that the company plans to impress users with bleeding-edge innovations and convenient additions.

A built-in screen recorder

While a built-in screen recorder was spotted in the early builds of Android 10, it vanished into thin air at some point. A proper version of the app can be found in Android 11, but at this point, it can only record video content. It is thought that support for audio capture may come at a later date.

Handy notification history

This feature is elusive since a tweak has to be implemented to make it usable, but eagle-eyed enthusiasts spotted it. Users already have the option to view dismissed notifications on Android 10, but the new version seems to be more comfortable to use.

Create and customize a dark mode schedule

The omission of a dark mode schedule feature is one of the most significant flaws of the current Android version and a function that has been requested by many users. Google has heard the feedback, and Android 11 will offer the ability to create a custom schedule or allow it to become active after sunset.

Bluetooth will remain active when the airplane mode is active

A curious change is represented by the fact that Bluetooth will remain active during airplane mode as long as your device is connected to an active accessory. This is an excellent boon for people who love to listen to music, audiobooks, and other types of content while traveling.

Revamped media controls

Another 11’s hidden feature is represented by revamped media controls, which have been shifted to the Quick Settings panel.

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