The Best Android Emulators for PC That You Must Try in 2020

Mobile games are really great, but wouldn’t it be better to play them on a bigger screen? How about playing mobile games on your PC? This article is about the best Android Emulators for PC of the year, so get ready to be impressed.

Why do we need an Android Emulator?

Our first point is that playing a game on a bigger screen is much more comfortable. Another reason why the Android Emulator is awesome is that not everyone out there owns or can afford a smartphone that has great specs for playing games. A PC is various from a smartphone, and we are not talking only about the screen size difference.

A PC has more power when it comes to processing, which makes the game experience much better than a smartphone. While not all phones can run PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile at a convenient 60 FPS, a PC can. There are many Android Emulators for PC that you can find online; however, not all of them are reliable or stable. We are going to suggest a top 3 best that is recommended.

The Best Android Emulators for PC That You Must Try in 2020


Bluestacks has been around for a long, long time. This Android Emulator has gone through a lot of revisions and updates. It is also one of the most reliable Android Emulators out there. Bluestacks was made in a way that is matching the performance of the top smartphones. It emulates a very satisfying gaming experience.

This Android Emulator is the best of all of them because of its stability and features it provides the users. Some of these features are allowing the user to use macros in-game via keyboard or your gaming mouse, among other great ones.

Nox App Player

Nox App Player Android Emulator is for users that would like a similar tablet experience on their Windows or Mac computer. This Android Emulator allows you to run all apps or games; however, the experience is a bit different than by using the Bluestacks, for example.

Nox App Player is more useful for users who want to utilize a more ‘free from distraction’ desktop experience while also running all Android apps. This emulator is even more familiar to use due to its interface, which looks similar to Stock Android. Nox App Player will offer you great game experience.


Last but not least, the Genymotion Android Emulator. Genymotion is an Android Emulator for developers. If developing is not your interest, then skip this emulator. For people who are looking for an Android Studio alternative, the Genymotion is the best Android Emulator for you. Check it out and explore its features.

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