The Apple AirPods Studio Could be Released Soon

The AirPods range has been quite successful, as many people have praised the audio accessories made by Apple, including many critics.

Apple has been working actively on the AirPods Studio, an over-ear version of its true wireless buds that promise to deliver an impressive audio quality, rivaling some of the most popular brands of the market.

Made in Vietnam

A reliable source has stated that Apple will manufacture the AirPods Studio in Vietnam, the first time when the company will have a brand-new product manufactured in the country. In the past, Vietnam factories handed replacement parts and support tasks, while the ones located in mainland China were responsible for the core productions. It is likely that the decision was motivated by the recent tensions between the U.S. and China.

The factories will prepare the first lots for shipping between June and Vietnam, which means that the accessory could be ready for a summer release before the company will debut the next generation of iPhones or the Apple Watch 6. This schedule is on par with predictions made by popular analysts, who have claimed that the mass-production stage for the AirPods Studio will begin after Q2 2020,

Release date and price

One of the most popular leakers of information related to Apple has also mentioned a few months ago that the anticipated accessory could be released during or after the WWDC. Apple has announced previously that the event will start on June 22.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Apple was forced to shift the event into an online environment but offered assurances that the quality and the experience for which the event is known will remain the same. An announcement related to the AirPods Studio could be squeezed between two keynotes, but that remains to be seen.

Since the accessory aims to deliver a high-quality audio experience, it is likely that they will be accompanied by a hefty price tag, with some voices arguing that it will be available for $349.


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