Survivor Legacy: The New Facility Battle (GVG) Becomes Available

Let’s face it: most of us once dreamed of becoming that superhero someday that the whole world can count on. Saving the planet may not be feasible for everybody, but the good news is that there are plenty of games that can allow us to do so within a virtual environment. One of those games is Survivor Legacy created by GameHollywood, and it’s a load of fun.

Your mission as a player is to save the Earth from extinction, and what could possibly be more exciting than that? Furthermore, Survivor Legacy just got more interesting along with the new facility battle (GVG).

Invite your friends to fight for glory!

Survivor Legacy never seems to fall short when it comes to team play. The Facility Battle (GVG) is another reason for competing with your friends in the game, as you can fight together for success.

There are 5 Facilities that you can now benefit from during Survivor Legacy: University, Prison, Military Base, Ruins and Power Station. All players of the game who get involved in the guild battle will receive exciting rewards.

  • Occupy Bonus: all members from the guild will benefit from a buff during the occupation.
  • Daily Rewards: there are daily rewards awaiting all members of the guild.
  • Participation Rewards: you can even benefit from simply participating in the Facility Battle.
  • Facility Rewards: all members of the guild receive rewards once the occupation turns out to be successful.

However, the good news is far from over when it comes to Survivor Legacy. All Facilities present in the Facility Battle have two modes: Peace Status and Combat Status. Players are able to enter the battles when they opt for a limited time. While present in the Combat Status, the guilds from the battleground are able to occupy up to 5 Guild Facilities. The guild can become the final holder of a Facility once it captures it several times. The facility will shift to Peace Status once it is occupied. Facilities under the Peace Status have the advantage that they cannot be occupied.

Survivor Legacy waits for a new superhero to take charge and save the world. Prove that you’re the one capable of doing so!

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