Survey Indicates PS5 Price – The Console would be a Best-Seller

A user of the messaging site, Reddit, has recently shared some details regarding a Nielsen survey that they participated in. One of the questions put in the survey was about the price of the PS5, which is currently a heated topic in the gaming community. The user explained that no specific price points were mentioned in the survey, but random pricing was suggested. Allegedly, the Nielsen survey contained the following information: the random price of the PlayStation is 349 GBP and the random price of the digital edition of PlayStation 5 is 259 GBP.

Before moving on, it must be noted that the story of the Reddit user could simply be fake. Besides, Nielsen themselves have highlighted the fact that this is simply random pricing, and it is impossible that the PS5 could be 349 GBP, which would translate to 436 USD. The most important information that the Nielsen survey provides us with is the fact that Sony Group could attempt to set the price level somewhere between the PS5 Blu-ray and the PS5 Digital Edition at a very small difference. Between the two, there could be as little as 100 USD.

The possible price gap has been brought to the attention of the public in a price leak. Since physical games seem to be at an unreasonably high price, it looks like digital software is now a lot more affordable, so the PS5 Digital Edition could become a must for all PS5 fans. The reddit user that presented the study mentioned that they had participated in previous surveys and the price generally went up by about 20% upon release when compared to the Nielsen survey. That would mean that the PS5 could end up being somewhere around 419 GBP, so 523 USD. At that price, the console would be a best-seller.

For the moment the price of PS4 is lower on Amazon:

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