Spotless Sun And The ISS Revealed In Fascinating Images Taken By A Photographer

Featured as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, the image taken by the photographer Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau depicts the ISS crossing over the spotless Sun. It is, undoubtedly, a fascinating photo.

NASA shared the amazing pic with the International Space Station as it flies over the spotless Sun in September. The photographer Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau was at the right time and the right spot to take the image. Earlier, the photo made it in the so-called NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

The ISS orbits around our planet 16 times each day, but we can mostly see it at night, as a dim, luminescent spot in the sky, as it crosses. The fact that the before-mentioned photographer snapped the International Space Statio right when it was crossing before the spotless Sun is impressive. And the outcome of the observation is also fascinating.

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day – The ISS as it crosses before the spotless Sun in September

“[The ISS] passes so quickly that only cameras taking short exposures can visually freeze the ISS’s silhouette onto the background Sun. The featured picture did exactly that – it is actually a series of images taken a month ago from Santa Fe, Argentina with perfect timing,” explained NASA.

The photo looks stunning, the timing was perfect, as NASA said, but how authentic is the respective image. In reality, the ISS did cross before the Sun, but the photographer combined multiple shots with the ISS with a picture of a spotless Sun to create such an astonishing photo.

That’s something familiar for images depicting space objects. The same procedures apply when astronomers release images of far galaxies or exoplanets. It would be impossible for the telescopes to spot distant worlds and space bodies in such clarity as the photos show. In this case, however, the image is only half true, but it’s still fascinating.

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