Speed up Windows 10 For a Better PC Experience: Here’s How to Do It

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Finding out how to boost up Windows 10 will be handy in the near future. Even though the operating system is probably the most efficiently coded OS from Microsoft, it also comes with many features that need huge amounts of system resources. Such a thing means that with time and consistent use, your PC’s performance could still slow down.

From clearing out unwanted programs to disabling some special effects, the following guide will show you how to speed up Windows 10. Here is what you need to know.

Check the Startup Apps

Your PC might become bogged down by the vast amount of running processes. Such a thing happens because many installers will develop Windows to run their apps immediately after you log in, slowing down the system a lot. What you have to do?

Open Task Manager, click on Startup, and notice the Startup Impact values for each app. To stop an app from launching on login, right-click, and select Disable

Get Rid of Unused Software

Usually, the PC sellers ship their devices with bundled third-party software, which due to its huge size and unnecessary nature, is known as “Bloatware.” Unused programs occupy too much space on your hard drive and can lower performance. For a better experience, here’s what you have to do.

Go to Control Panel, open Programs, then Programs and Features, and choose Uninstall a Program. Next, right-click on the program you no longer need and click on Uninstall. Select Yes when asked. 

Turn off the Special Effects

Windows 10 is kind of generous when it comes to special effects. The OS and other functionalities are developed to fade in and fade out of view, by default. There are some resource-intensive, very unnecessary that include animations and transparency. These can be turned off easily. 

Open the Windows menu, search for System, access the Advanced Settings, and choose Performance Settings. Right under the Visual Effects, click on Custom and uncheck the tick boxes to the visual effects you want to turn off. Click on Apply and confirm your changes.

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