SpaceX Will Launch More Satellites Into Orbit This Week


SpaceX is launching more broadband Internet satellites into orbit this week. 

The upcoming liftoff is part of the Starlink project, and SpaceX wants to blanket the Earth in high-speed satellite Internet. Despite a few issues, including astronomers’ concerns that the satellites could interfere with telescopes on Earth, Starlink proved already its best. Here is what you should know.

SpaceX is Ready to Launch More Satellites Into Orbit

SpaceX is getting ready to launch three Internet-satellite batches within 18 days in June. The first was sent on June 4, and this week the second will follow. With the historic astronaut mission SpaceX realized on May 30, that’s four rocket launches in only four weeks!

The upcoming Starlink satellites will be sent into orbit aboard the same type of Falcon 9 rocket that the company utilized to carry NASA astronauts in its Crew Dragon spaceship. The satellites are scheduled to launch at 5:21 AM ET on Saturday (June 13), and they’ll join other 480 satellites that the company has put into orbit since February 2018. 

Falcon 9’s booster is developed to be reusable – it will make its comeback to Earth after detaching during the liftoff process and self-lands either on a launchpad in Cape Canaveral, Florida or on a drone ship at sea. 

SpaceX has asked for government permission to send a total of 42,000 satellites into orbit, creating a “mega constellation” around the Earth. Elon Musk, CEO SpaceX, hopes that Starlink will provide high-speed and affordable Internet to remote and rural regions of Earth. 

Musk has said that SpaceX would launch batches of Starlink satellites every two weeks in 2020, for a total of 1,400 by the end of the year. But even if SpaceX’s plans are so great, astronomers are concerned. The reflective satellites can photobomb their telescope observations and ruin the researches. SpaceX found a way to solve that issue, but it’s still uncertain if it will last.

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