SpaceX Allows You to Dock With the ISS

SpaceX launched a docking simulator online for everyone interested in connecting the Crew Dragon with the ISS. The simulator is a fun and intriguing way of exploring the capsule possibilities and the ISS environment. It also lets you familiarize yourself with the controls of the interface utilized by NASA astronauts. You can pilot the SpaceX Dragon 2 manually, proving your skills.

SpaceX advises everyone to manage their “mission” with patience and delicate movements. Even if it’s only a simulator, you will notice how accurate some details are. It seems that the space agency sure knows how to keep the public up-to-date. If you want to try the simulator and find out how skillful you are, check out this video!

SpaceX’s Free Simulator Features

The simulator displays advanced parameters such as roll, yaw, distance, and pitch, along with green numbers as correction indicators – a successful docking means all the correction numbers are below 0.2, according to SpaceX. The blue numbers are also significant; they represent the rates (or velocity) for rotation in space. As complicated as it they might appear, all these parameters are logical.
SpaceX recommends when flying, to aim for the green diamond on the docking adapter. As for real astronauts, the company states it is best to be accurate in movement, and not make big, sudden moves. So, when you’re less than 5 meters from the ISS, try to maintain your rate below minus 0.2 meters/s.
In real life, SpaceX described the procedure as: “Crew Dragon missions will autonomously dock and undock with the space station, but the crew can take manual control of the spacecraft if necessary.”
NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bon Behnken will enroll in Crew Dragon’s first mission. The test flight is booked for a May 27 launch. If all goes flawlessly, a crew of four astronauts will be on the next Crew Dragon flight to the ISS.



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