Sony’s PS5 Reveal Disappoints Many Fans

A whole world is waiting for the arrival of Sony’s next-generation console, PlayStation 5, breathlessly. After tons of rumors and speculations online, Sony was expected to make an official presentation of PS5 to end all doubts about what the gaming machine will be capable of.

Sony had scheduled a live-streamed event on Wednesday to exhibit its long-awaited gadget, but the famous Japanese company provided only silence and a logo.

Mark Cerny was awaited

Mark Cerny is the lead system architect, and fans were hoping to hear him talk about the specs, design, and maybe even some games of PS5. Instead, the event was boring, with Cerny not revealing much and thus, disappointing fans.

The live comments during the PS5 video are speaking for themselves:

Backward compatibility? Well, not really

PlayStation fans knew for quite a while that the next-generation console would be featuring backward compatibility, but it turns out that things are a little different. Cerny revealed that only the top 100 games on PS4 would get the privilege of being available also for PS5, and more titles will be added later. Fans were hoping they can play PS3, PS2 and even PS1 games on the upcoming PS5, but you know what they say: you just can’t have them all in life.

PS5 will be launched alongside Xbox Series X during Holiday 2020, and they are expected to bring gaming at a whole new level. 8K resolution, haptic controllers, virtual reality support, no lagging, and more are among the features that at least one of the two consoles will have. Trying to figure out which one of the two gaming beasts, PS5 and Xbox Series X is the best, will be the ultimate question in gaming.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be too disappointed about Mark Cerny not revealing us too much about PS5. Who knows what mind-blowing features Sony is preparing for its upcoming console.

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