Sony Xperia 1.1 and Xperia 9 Leaks – Details Are Online

Canceling the Mobile World Congress this year has been a disappointment for everybody. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Sony Xperia missed its shot with the latest models. They were supposed to be presented to the world at the event, but sadly this didn’t happen. We are talking about a minimum of three devices: Sony Xperia 5 Plus, Xperia 9, and Xperia 11. On the plus side, the company might hold a separate event for announcing these.

Sony Xperia 1.1 Camera Specs Leaks

Zachbucks is considered one of the insiders, so people trust his leaks. According to him, Sony Xperia 1.1 will feature a quad-camera feature, found on the rear panel. The primary camera will possibly be a 12 MP one, packed with a 64 MP camera endowed with hybrid zoom and a 12 MP ultrawide lens. Don’t forget about the Time of Flight camera either. This whole configuration may seem familiar because it is the one you find on the Samsung Galaxy S20+.

What’s even more surprising is that Zachbucks claims Sony will mostly buy these cameras from Samsung, and then added to their devices. However, this seems hard to believe since Sony is, in fact, the supplier of cameras to many cameras manufacturers.

Another new leak claims that the Sony Xperia 1.1 will come together with an 8K HDR video capacity. This would be an all-time first for any smartphone since regularly, such handsets come with 4K or 8K videos.

Xperia 9 Render Leak

Another random render which we have seen online is the one claiming to belong to the Xperia 9 model. Both the rear and the front of the handset are in landscape format. On the rear panel, we can notice a setup made up of three cameras, while the front shows a top bezel that is quite prominent if we were, to be honest. Also, we know that the Xperia 9 will also come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC.

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