Sony Just Trademarked PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 in Japan: Here’s Their Strategy

We know for sure that the PlayStation is one of the most popular and praised consoles out there. When it comes to future creations, apparently, the creators have a certain approach to don’t fix thing if they’re not broken.

We all know there is PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, so why change things?

Sony has not released the PS5 yet, but according to some reports, the company started to fill the trademarks for a potential follow-up consoles.

However, we come with bad news for older PlayStation fans. This does not mean that Sony will release another console any time soon. The move really stands for security reasons, for the company to make sure that the names are kept available. This is not something new coming from Sony, which made a move and trademarked PS2 and PS3 one year before they were released, and PS4 – wait for it – 7 years before its actual release. If you think that’s extra, then we should mention that they trademarked PS5  back in 2006, 14 years before the actual release of the console. The thing is you need to think ahead if you want to always stay ahead in the game industry, and this is what Sony has been doing.

Sony has filed a trademark for PS6, PS7, PS8, and PS9. Because there is a seven-year gap between the PS4 and the PS5, which will arrive at the end of 2020, we cannot even talk about PS10, that’s probably decades away. But since Sony has managed to have this “ritual,” it makes sense that they trademarked the next five consoles.

The company confirmed the release date if PS5 earlier this month, through a simple tweet: ‘PlayStation 5 launches holiday 2020’.

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