Sony Filed A New Patent For PlayStation 5 in Europe

New speculation is available now on the Internet, about the launching date of the PlayStation 5. The rumor says that the console will launch in February 2020, if the company is applying the same pattern from the last console.

PlayStation 4 was revealed on 22nd February 2013, almost seven years ago, so everyone is hoping to be the same case now. Nothing is officially about the revealing of the PS5 next month, but what we have new now is the patent for the new console.

Even if we have a clue about a patent, the rest is again pure speculation. It is to think that Sony will come with PS5 at the same time with Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The patent for the console applied by Sony is under the name of PS5, in Europe, and it will be a trademark.

Sony Filed A New Patent For PlayStation 5 in Europe

Going over the information we have until now; we are mentioning the name of the console and the logo. The other data, like pictures with the console or the release date, aren’t confirmed. However, the little information we have about the patent is the section registered – 9. 28, and 41, plus that the file was filed directly to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Sony filing for a trademark is not new, because, in the U.S., the company has done the same. The interesting fact is that Sony had done this way for the first time when it comes to Europe.

Finally, we will not have the chance to see the company performing at the E3 2020. Sony will do the same as last year and won’t participate in the events. Maybe our luck is to see an event directly from Sony before or after the E3 2020. One thing is for sure; we will have the new PlayStation 5 this year, if not in February, at the end of the year for sure.

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