Sony and Sucker Punch offer more details about Ghost of Tsushima

A new State of Play digital event has showcased many interesting details about the Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusive.

Players will explore the vast world of the game with the help of an interesting mechanic that is known as Guiding Wind. The selection of a target zone on the map will trigger the appearance of an in-game wind that will show a path towards the location.

Jin Sakai, the protagonist, has access to a horse that can be called at will. It is not known if the horse has to be unlocked or if it is available from the start. Players can explore points of interest and key spots. After a key sot has been explored, the option to fast travel to it will be available.

The way of the warrior

Jin will be able to challenge enemies to a fight, and some of them will fall after a single sword slice. A parry mechanic is also present, and parrying before the attack strikes will open the enemy to a counterattack.

Several items can be used to distract enemies, including firecrackers and smoke bombs. There is also the option to perform quick kills with a kunai. Environmental attacks are also present, as Jin can target a weapon cache to trigger a powerful explosion.

In-depth customization features

Several armor pieces will be available in-game and grant access to specific advantages. A selection of charms will also offer different benefits and can be swapped. Some new charms can be unlocked by discovering shrines that are present within the world of the game.

There are also several perks for the Photo Mode. Players will have the option to control the direction and speed of the wind in photos or videos, and songs from the soundtrack can be chosen. Particle effects can aslo be employed to make a scene more interesting and original.

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