Shrek 5 Release Date News – Was Shrek 5 Canceled?

In 2001, the first Shrek movie rolled out, and it had a lot of success. Undoubtedly, the Shrek franchise is one of the most popular animated movie series ever made. But what about Shrek 5? Is the title going to launch soon?

The die-hard fans of the green Ogre are hardly keeping up with the news regarding the future of the Shrek series. With four movies launched, Shrek is one fan-favorite character from the animated film industry. Shrek 5 should have supposedly launched this year, but we are already in October, and we have nothing official on the next title in the franchise.

Some fans ever worry that the producers canceled the series, so they will never get another movie in the Shrek series. Shrek 5, however, could take more production time than the episodes before it. And that’s because the Shrek 4 was a BS. Accordingly, it performed weakly in the box office.

Was Shrek 5 Canceled? What’s Going On With The Series?

The fans of the funny green Ogre, Shrek, fear that the producers shut down the franchise. That might be the case here since the fourth release did not perform as good as expected. However, we believe that the makers of the movie need more time to come up with a successful Shrek 5 animated movie.

At the moment, we have no clue that Shrek 5 would come out soon, but judging on the success of the series, it would be dumb from producers not to release a sequel in the franchise. Accordingly, we should expect that Shrek 5 would eventually come out. But some people voiced that the series is down — shut down.

DreamWorks, the Shrek creators and producers, might focus on other more successful movies and series. Shrek’s story might be too old for them to revive it. Accordingly, we might never see Shrek 5. We hope that the producers only wait for the right time to release a sequel in the series. Hopefully!

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