Shrek 5: Does the Studio Want to Cancel the Well-Known Series?

Ever since 2011, the Shrek movie series has been one of the most popular ones out there. There are many lessons to learn, funny characters, and a great story. Fans of the series are waiting for the fifth film of the series. However, it seems that they might have to wait a bit more for a piece of official news about the movie. Fans are afraid that the series might get canceled soon.

When’s the release date of Shrek 5?

Right now, there is no update about the movie. We know for sure that the demand is huge, and fans are waiting, however, the studio does not consider that the numbers don’t show a reason for a new movie, especially by taking into account the fact that Shrek 4 was a mess in the box office. It seems that we will have to wait a lot of time for the fifth Shrek movie.

Rumor has it, Dreamworks has given up on the series, and they might even cancel the story soon.

Has the Shrek series been already canceled?

We know for sure that fans are afraid of the studio, which can cancel the Shrek series at any point. As of now, there’s no news with regards to this matter. The studio does not seem to want to cancel the series yet. However, aside from character might get more movies soon – we are talking about Puss in Boots. Rumor has it, the studio wants to reboot Shrek and make a live-action version of the well-known film. However, none of these ideas are in works for now. We are waiting for an official statement from the Dreamworks studio, in which they would describe their plans for this popular series of movies.

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