SHAREit 5.3.78 Update Available to Download: Faster Sharing Speed and More

Nowadays, a tool capable of sending files between devices is a must-have for anybody. Whether you’re sending to your laptop photos made with your smartphone, adding some music to your phone from your laptop, or sending photos from your phone to someone else’s phone, having an app like SHAREit installed is always a good idea.

SHAREit is perhaps the fastest app ever when it comes to file-sharing, and it’s insanely popular: it has over half a billion users. Furthermore, the app is expecting a major update soon, one that changes the version number to 5.3.78, and it will start rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels.

What the update brings new

The 5.3.78 update for SHAREit brings even more sharing speed to the app. With up to 20MB/s, the file sharing speed was already much faster than what a Bluetooth connection has to offer. The new update optimizes the speed of finding the receiver when you share something via SHAREit, which practically means more sharing speed.

But what’s the use of sharing files if bugs are delaying or even stopping the process? The developers of SHAREit added along with the 5.3.78 update some bug fixes so that the overall performances will be significantly improved.

How to get the update

Since the 5.3.78 update for SHAREit will arrive via OTA (over the air), anybody who has a stable Wi-Fi connection and the app installed will be able to get it. Or if you’re a die-hard SHAREit fan who is not willing to wait for the notification regarding the update to be shown on your phone’s screen, you can simply manually download and install it in the form of APK.

Being a cross-platform app, SHAREit is available for Android, iOS, PC, and macOS. The app allows the transfer of video, music, various files, and even apps.

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