Scientists Made a Correct Prediction for The Return of This Fast Radio Burst

The FRB 121102 keeps being detected from Earth as it follows a precise pattern since it was discovered five years ago. The phenomenon has its origin in a galaxy located 3 billion light-years away, and some scientists had been considering the idea that it might be some sort of message from alien civilizations. Back in June, astronomers discovered that the FRB 121102 was repeating itself.

Scientists are still not sure what FRB’s (fast radio bursts) are, but that cannot stop them from wanting to analyze and learn more about them. In fact, that’s the best reason to study something.

FRB 121102 predicted to return in August

According to a scientific study from June, researchers stated that the FRB 121102 repeats every 157 days. Based on precise calculations, the scientists concluded that the fast radio burst should come back in July or August. And they were so right!

Adam Deller, who’s an astrophysicist at Swinburne University of Technology, is optimistic about the chances to figure out what these peculiar cosmic events actually are:

I think in all likelihood we’ll work out a natural explanation for these events, but I like to keep an open mind and follow wherever the evidence leads me,

Based on the short durations and the high luminosities of the bursts themselves, a good guess would be a neutron star with a very high magnetic field that is orbiting a companion object,

While highly-intelligent aliens trying to contact us Earthlings sounds just like another sci-fi movie, for many scientists it’s a mystery why didn’t we encounter any aliens yet. The distances between stars and not to mention galaxies are insanely large, but life should be able to develop on other planets as well under the right conditions. The first clue that a planet could host any life forms is the presence of liquid water at its surface.


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