Survivor Legacy' is for you, a brand new creation of GameHollywood. The protagonist character from this game was sent a" />

Save the World from Extinction in the New ‘Survivor Legacy’ Game

Do you also have the need to save the planet from evil forces and test your survival skills in an awesome game? Then ‘Survivor Legacy‘ is for you, a brand new creation of GameHollywood. The protagonist character from this game was sent away in the impending dangers of outer space so he can bring home useful resources for Earth. But in the meantime, great and horrendous forces of evil started to terrorize the Earth with the purpose of killing all life forms around. The only solution is for the player to save Earth from the apocalyptic scenario of its life forms becoming extinct.

Check out a little video sample of what ‘Survivor Legacy’ has to offer:

The characters of this game all have imposing postures. From a muscular dude who shoots with a lot of rifles to a dreadful clown who can always terrify people, the characters of Survivor Legacy are practically begging to offer the player a decent amount of gameplay with tons of action.

Here are some of the characters:

The Destroyer Sally

Class: A

Type: Commando

While her name may sound innocent and she has plenty of extra weight indeed, you wouldn’t believe that she can do any harm to others. Well, maybe she can’t, but her minigun is a true beast. Sally isn’t the type of girl who gives presents for Christmas. Her minigun is her favorite toy, and she won’t hesitate to use it. She gets angry like a naughty little girl, and her ways of solving problems don’t implicate having any mercy to those who piss her off.

Name: Tycoon


Class: S

Type: Commando

This character is a deadly cyborg who always enjoys a good challenge. Being a former corporation president, Tycoon later found out a great way to become stronger – he created himself a mechanical suit that assures more damage to opponents when he lands a blow.

Hawk The Pivotal Shooter

Class: A

Type: Sniper

‘Survivor Legacy’ has plenty of snipers, and perhaps everybody likes to see snipers in video games. Hawk is a survival expert who likes to play with the crossbow in deadly ways, can camouflage himself, and more. And yes, you’ve already guessed that going shopping with his girlfriend isn’t one of his hobbies.

Defeat some Walkers for extra rewards

Killing the Walkers is always a good idea if you need more resources, EXP, and other useful items. They are completely inoffensive, therefore battling them cannot cause any damage to your crew. These rewards are practically consisting of Doctor and speed-up items that are having effect for a few hours of gameplay.

Are you already eager to save the world from evil forces in ‘Survivor Legacy’?

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