Samsung Prepares to Release a Phone with Insane Battery Life

Samsung cannot possibly throw the towel just yet and admit that Huawei is better. Even though the Chinese brand replaced Samsung for the world’s top smartphone vendor, the latter will continue to do what it knows best: launching powerful phones.

The Galaxy M51 model is under the works by Samsung, and judging from the few info we have until now, we’re dealing with a mid-range phone. However, there are a few specs that are just delightful and majestic.

7000mAh battery

With this insane capacity for the battery, the phone should be easily capable of running for a whole 24 hours with a single charge. Not to mention that there will also be a Fast charging 25W present. As for the ‘frontend’ specs, Galaxy M51 has a big display of 6.67 inch,es and it runs on Android 10 or One UI 2.0.

Powerful cameras

Like pretty much all phones nowadays, Samsung Galaxy M51 is capable of filming in the 4K format. The triple camera setup from the rear has a wide lens of 64MP, an ultrawide one of 12 MP, and last but not least: a depth lens of 5MP. The selfie camera is capable of 32 MP, and it’s pretty good for vlogging due to the Full HD resolution at 30fps.

Decent hardware

Samsung Galaxy M51 packs some decent specs for the rest of the gadget. The phone comes in two versions of RAM: 6GB and 8GB. The internal storage is 128 GB, while the processor is an octa-core Snapdragon 730. If you need even more storage, there’s also the option of inserting a microSDXC card.

The usual specs are also there: Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Radio, USB, etc. There’s no release date announced yet, but we can make the reasonable bet that Samsung Galaxy M51 will arrive in a maximum of several months.

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