Samsung Prepares A 150Mp Nonacell Camera For Future Devices

Last year in august, Samsung, one of the big smartphone companies, has revealed its magnificent 108MP mobile camera sensor. However, none of its devices has had this feature so far. Things took a different path with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra as the company decided that its time to build a smartphone to feature the flagship 108MP mobile camera sensor. It is normal to have competition on the market, and it seems like Samsung will just meet his.

The South Korean tech giant is rumored to develop a new mobile camera that will feature a 150MP sensor, which is 42MP more than what the Galaxy S20 Ultra has at the moment. The rumored image sensor is based on the same Nanocell technology that was used for the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra image sensor is based on the ISOCELL system, which is quite complex and helps create the final photos sharper. This system is perfect for creating images, even with light sensitivity in low-light conditions.

Samsung Develops a 150MP Nonacell Camera to Keep Up With OPPO and Vivo

Which phone is rumored to feature the upcoming flagship image sensor? The upcoming smartphone from Xiaomi is believed to launch with this magnificent 150MP image sensor. That means that we will probably see the forthcoming flagship image sensor in the fourth quarter of 2020.

A flagship phone and a flagship image sensors sound very good when put together, and we can’t wait to find out more about it. Other smartphone companies, such as OPPO and Vivo, are also rumored to launch the 150MP image sensor in the first quarter of 2021. Both OPPO and Vivo will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor.

Looking further into the rumor mill, it seems that Samsung developers are the ones working at this new flagship image sensor for the Chinese consumers. Things are not very clear at the moment, are they are working on more variants for its South Korean consumers or just outside the country’s boundaries?

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