Samsung Lags Behind Apple In Smartwatch OLED Technology

Smartwatch industry on the rise lately, despite what many believe. The rivalry between Samsung and Apple also reached this segment. However, as it appears when comparing Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Apple Watch Series 5, the latest products from the two companies, Samsung lags behind Apple in implementing reliable OLED technology in its smartwatches.

Browse on the internet on reviews comparing the two products, and you will see that many of those reports say that Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 doesn’t come with TPO OLED display technology as Apple did. In reality, the South Korean giant used the same technology introduced by the Cupertino-based company with Appl Watch Series 5.

According to a report, the Super AMOLED panel that Samsung introduced in Galaxy Watch Active 2 was developed using the LTPO TFT technology, the same Apple used for Watch Series 4 and 5. But that display is not as good as the so-called Samsung Display, which is currently under development.

Samsung Lags Behind Apple In Smartwatch OLED Technology

But what makes Apple Watch Series Series 5’s OLED display better than that of Samsung? Well, at first, the technology is old, as Apple used it in Series 4, about one year before Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch to come to.

In Apple Watch Series 5, the Cupertino-based company managed to introduce screen-controlling chipsets that fully exploit the LTPO TFT technology used to make OLED screen, while also improving battery life. Samsung is doing its own research in the field of OLED technology for smartwatches, but they are behind the technology already researched and produced by American manufacturers such as Apple.

While in the smartphone world, Samsung tends to outperform Apple, in the smartwatch universe, Apple brings improved technologies, such as the LTPO TFT one that stays behind OLED screens. Samsung is struggling to bring revamped displays, but it lags behind Apple with about one year.

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