Samsung Insider Provides Galaxy S11 Bad News

Samsung Galaxy S11 has been leaked several times, unveiling a major new design. According to some reports, it’s not all good news for future users. In a series of published posts on Twitter, well-known Samsung’s insider Ice Universe has unveiled that the Exynos 990-based Galaxy S11 marketed in Asia and Europe will be distinctly mediocre to the Snapdragon 865-based variant sold in the US. Such a thing could have many consequences for all users.

After praising the performance of Qualcomm’s newly revealed Snapdragon 865 by indicating its first benchmarks, Ice Universe lashed out. Ice stated, “I hope that the Galaxy S11 all over the world uses the Snapdragon 865 processor. Exynos 990 cannot compete with it. This is the darkest period of Exynos. It has never been so embarrassing.”

Insiders revealed Samsung Galaxy S11 bad news for fans

More intriguingly, is that Ice Universe has not the one who leaked the Exynos 990’s benchmarks. Ice’s disappointing was caused by the wrong choice of Samsung’s leadership. He added: “Samsung has wasted 5 years on the CPU, and it lags far behind.” However, the good news for US users is Samsung Galaxy top devices utilize Snapdragon chip processors. The issue is, historically, Samsung chose to release two variants of its smartphones with importantly various features. It also completed both the performance and functionality of the quicker version in the past to remove this.

The Galaxy S11 design it is indeed great, and it expands beyond rough performance. It is already known that it will introduce a groundbreaking ‘Hubble’ camera, a next-gen memory, a supersized fingerprint sensor, and much larger batteries. With these said, if the Exynos 990 is as bad as Ice stated, and Samsung’s track record is anything to pass by, then users worldwide may rightly find themselves getting a defanged variant of what Galaxy S11 should be.

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