Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Might Arrive With Sleek Under-The-Display Camera

Recently, Samsung released its second installment in the foldable series, the Galaxy Z Flip. Currently, however, new reports indicate that the giant tech might have another device in store for us, and is already under development.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Launch Soon

A so-called sequel to the Galaxy Fold might be launched soon. According to Ajunews and Ross Young, the CEO of DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants), Samsung does plan to bring later this year a new installment in the foldable series. Both sources stated about a project dubbed Champ, for the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2, known as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The new smartphone is speculated to introduce a massive 7.7-inch display when unfolded. Samsung is reportedly working for a smooth under-the-screen camera module to offer a notch-less screen. The under-the-screen feature is not new at al. Back in 2019, we witness the announcement of such a feature from Xiaomi and Oppo. However, Xiaomi explained later that the module wasn’t ready yet for full production.

“[…] Galaxy Fold 2, which is now known as Project Champ and should come mid-year. It will fold out to 7.7″ but will be quite a bit more expensive than the more portable clamshells,” Young talked in a recent Twitter post.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (Galaxy Fold 2) Might Arrive As The Best Foldable Ever

While those features appear to be the most significant so far, everyone is looking for something else. Bringing a foldable smartphone with better durability is far more awaited than any other feature. Back in 2019, Samsung encountered some issues at the release of the Galaxy Fold. Such a thing happened due to some reviewers that reported some problems with the screen.

So, the company had to postpone the release of the smartphone. A Bloomberg report, however, states that Samsung intends to go with its Galaxy Z moniker as the upcoming foldable smartphone. Galaxy Fold 2 might arrive after all, as the Galaxy Z Fold.

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