Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leaked In New Video

Yesterday, February 11, brought us the Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung revealed many devices and details we all wished to know. Of course, the rumors will never stop with or without the event, and this is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. A new video was released on the Internet, showing the foldable devices and their specifications. Some people say that the foldable will not be part of this event, but in other events taking place on February 14.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

If you are curious to know how the devices look, you will find the short video that presents the foldable. You only have one minute and 50 seconds to watch the novelty. In the video, the person is opening the foldable device and turns it on. In the booting process of the phone, you will see the logo of AT&T. Everything that is happening in the video is with the device fully opened. In this way, Samsung reveals a beautiful 6.7 inches display.

Moreover, we can see the part where the phone is folding. Maybe this thing will not be an issue, even in constant use. From there, the person from the video is showing us the phone’s settings. He is using an app to show us the CPU. We have a confirmation that the device is using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855SoC processor. Some sources are saying that the screen resolution is 1080×2635 pixels and a 21:9 aspect ratio.

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