Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Has Some Advantages Over Motorola Razr

Technical difficulties forced Motorola to delay the reinvented Razr for two months. Both the Razr and the newly-released Galaxy Z Flip are now available, and it seems that the former tends to be outclassed by the latter. For another comparison between the two, go here.

Many potential users will fall in love with the classic design of the Razr, which sports the iconic chin, a handy Quick View panel, and other design traits that made the original model a hit among millions of users. Despite the nostalgic feeling, there are clear areas where the Galaxy Z Flip beats Motorola’s Razr,


While both devices are quite expensive, the Galaxy Z Flip is a bit more affordable in comparison to the Motorola Razr. Samsung’s offering comes with a $1,379.99 price tag in comparison to the $1,500 cost of the Razr. The difference may not seem to be too major at first but hardware also plays an important role.


In the case of raw power, the Galaxy Z Flip is a clear winner as it has many of the traits of the standard Samsung Galaxy S10. Among them, we can count the Snapdragon 855 SoC, a second ultra-wide lens that can be quite handy in some cases and a 3300 mAh battery.

According to Motorola, the specific design of the device forced the company to pick hardware that is more modest, justifying the use of the Snapdragon 710 and a 2510 mAH battery. Users who like to take photos will be disappointed by the fact that the rear camera lacks the telephoto or wide-angle sensors that have become common even among mid-range devices.

The use of a glass panel is another boon for the Z Flip sine it increases the overall resistance of the screen while also diminishing wear and tear. Durability is a key factor for many devices, especially when they are so expensive.

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