Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 To Have Three Main Cameras

Galaxy Z Flip was released in February this year, and Samsung is currently developing an upcoming version of this smartphone. A leak discovered with the help of the products registered for the World Intellectual Property Office is showing that the company will soon release an improved version of one of the unique designs available on the market. Here you can find the backside appearance of the forthcoming smartphone.

The characteristics of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 were reported by LetsGoDigital, a Dutch tech site. It is said that the camera setup will feature a triple-lens system, a step ahead from its predecessor that has the only configuration with two cameras. This improvement implies that the series will now be part of the latest trends and developments in the technological industry, as many phones now present a multiple-camera setup.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 To Have Three Main Cameras

The leak has revealed as well a series of images that display the design of the back-space of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2. The company has not decided yet the whether the alignment should be vertically or horizontally. While the horizontal choice seems to be inefficient since it affects the OLED display and is way too similar to the previous version of the Samsung Galaxy Z series, vertical option features a more expansive display and makes the future design easier to recognize.

Up until now, there has been no official declaration regarding the upcoming features of this device. In addition to this, the South Korean manufacturer may decide not to opt for any of the two proposals. Samsung might just cover their paths to make an unexpected release sometime this year.

Even though there is are no official declarations, these designs show that the electronics giant is focusing on developing its Galaxy Z Flip 2 version not only with cutting-edge technology but also with an improved appearance.

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